Most popular products

Abyssinia African Grocery is an unique African store in Amsterdam-West.
We offer various East African food products, including fresh teff injera. You can also visIt us for the well-known East African spices such as berbere and shiro. All our spices are of the highest quality and add a delicious flavor to your dishes.
Coffee beans are very popular in Eritrean and Ethiopian culture. We currently have Ethiopian Limu coffee beans in our range. The Limu beans originates from Southern Ethiopia (Sidamo region). The limu bean is characterized by its soft taste and a delicious mocha aroma.

In addition, we have various handmade products in our range; for example authentic African pots and coffee pots made of clay.

Abyssinia has various hair care products such as hair oils and shampoos. In addition, we also sell hair extensions that can be used to make traditional African hairstyles.

Handmade traditional dresses are also available at Abyssinia. The well-known zurya and shifon dresses can be tailor-made for you in all colors and models. Recently there are various jewelry for sale at Abyssinia, for a complete African look!

If you are looking for authentic East African products, Abyssinia your place to be.
We hope to see you soon at Abyssinia!